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injuries. >>> time now 4:35. oakland police say they are noticing troubling trends as they notice to tackle violence. 131 people were killed in oakland in 2012. some of the gang related killings. police also say the use of a pure form of the drug ecstasy is ohm boldening attackers. >>> some students in the north bay are returning back to empty classrooms after their school was burglarized over the winter break. coming up at 4:45 what the thieves got away with and hi nice is a -- and why this is a big blow to the school. >>> chp says a hundred die elantra and toyota camry crashed. and the victims names not been released. >>> new years day came with tragedy for one family when a 59-year-old man drowned after getting swept out to see sea in marin county. he was walking with his wife and dog around 12:30 in the afternoon. a wave swept the couple and dog in the water. the coast guard found the man's body around 4:00 p.m.. authorities not released his name. >>> small business owners in san francisco are concerned about a new program that will end free meter parking rob sundays. the new policy goe
're going to have a video. >> my name is shirley cavara and work for oakland school district and early education and people come from san joaquin valley and my family is located in the area. the best thing about working here is meeting all the families, and connecting with the kids, and when it finally clicks to them "oh that's what that means". even if it's small steps with some kids it's a great feeling that you have made an accomplishment in their lives that they will remember, so here it started down at ice age and moved to second avenue because it got too big want there was a preschool there and out grew that area and we had three choice in oakland to have the child care center at and the parents chose this one and up in the hills and don't feel like you're in oakland and conducive to our setting and lifestyle as indian people, and a lot of our kids that graduated here are doing community work. they're out there working with their people so we have made a strong impact with kids and you don't think about it. you just do what you do and what comes natural in working with kids an
of it will take. 27 in santa rosa. 31 antioch. a lot of 30s. even redwood city 32. oakland airport is 36. that is at the airport. freeze warning or frost advisory out. takes us until 9:00. one below in tahoe. redding 28. even colder air continues to filter in. it will be a sunny nice day today. high pressure is our fair weather friend today. temperatures bumping up a couple degrees after a cold morning. sunny a little warmer with that breeze again. upper 40s maybe. a little bit warmer. higher clouds thursday. that will be about it. it looks like a partly sunny and partly cloudy weekend. >>> day of fun takes a turn after a man falls through a frozen lake. how onlookers rescue. >>> the reason the taliban is comparing the war in afghanistan to vietnam. >>> good morning. westbound 237 not a big commute now as you drive through. we'll tell you more about the morning drive and the bay weather. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pil
. >>> looking for ways to reduce the crime problem in the city of oakland. the trends investigators saw in 2012 and the changes ahead for this year. >>> a major mess this morning at this busy hayward intersection after a water main ruptures. the update we just got from police about when the water may be turned off. >>> the opening bell is just about to ring on wall street. clue dean will have the early stock numbers. burglar. with a heart-healthy ml at your neighborhood subway today. subway. eat fresh. >>> the bell just rang on wall street. people looking forward to what hopefully will be a good day now that the fiscal cliff is averted. we have a pharmaceutical company that is just launching. over on the nasdaq we have a diner leisure spa product company. the big news with the fiscal cliff averted futures pointing to a good day. >>> chunk for join -- thank you for joining us. it's wednesday, january 2nd i'm dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong. pam cook is off today. we are following developing new from the east bay. a water main break is causing traffic problems in hayward. alex savidge is at
and involved with the oakland school district and i partner with tony smith and this man brought innovation to the oakland school district which has a lot of challenges which he may go into. i won't. so i really echo what jeff said about soft or hard power but let me tell you from my standpoint. i have a nephew who was in school and was bullied and there were sexual overtones to it and the result is he left the school and i spent time working with the school and my district and it wasn't my area and educate them about what bullying meant and in the most heinous way described to them and it went no where and that gave me the lesson in life we have children that are in fear when they go to school so they don't go and my priority is to have safe schools and they can be educated and create their path to a successful future and it's a healthy environment and bullying prevents that for so many kids. when terreesa and i addressed issues around truancies and one of the common themes and i saw this before with sexually exploited cases and kids were afraid to go to school because of the terrorism
vigilia en oakland para recordar a oscar grant. take vo ---grant, murio a manos de un agente del "bart" hace exactamente 4 aÑos en la estacion de "fruitvale". ---"johannes mehserle" fue quien abrio fuego contra grant y alega que por error, tomo su arma de fuego, en vez de su pistola electrica. ---mehserle, fue encontrado culpable de homicidio involuntario y a pesar de apelar la decision alegando que hubo poca evidencia para su condena, la corte rechaz el argumento. blanca ---la policia de oakland dice que este aÑo trabajar arduamente para reducir la violencia en la ciudad. take vo ---131 personas fueron asesinadas en 2012, convirtiendose en la tasa mas alta de asesinatos en oakland desde 2006. ---la ultima victima fue una adolescente de 15 aÑos que murio a balazos el domingo pasado. ---la policia est ofreciendo una recompensa de 15 mil dolares a quien proporcione informacion que permita la captura del responsable. ---se cree que el sospechoso es un adolescente de entre 14 a 16 aÑos de edad, que posiblemente vestia una playera roja. ---el jefe de policia dice que su departamento pon
it in a big way here in the bay area thanks to the leadership in this community. yep and oakland and all over. it's just awesome and in cleveland and right now we have 13,000 students across the basin in salt lake city are seeing it, and does have impact and the impact is largely i would say it creates a sense of agreement. the biggest thing that bully does or the big service the film has is gives everyone a unified collective science of agreement to which they roll up the sleeves and get busy creating change and has been really exciting. i building we already i believe kroshed the threshold of 140,000 students nationwide and we are working to get to the million and the idea is a million is a tipping point . a million kids in america. that's like one in ten basically in public schools. that gets embedded so over time every september schools are starting with that method to have that agreement, and along the way we're also trying to deliver youth action and educate ideas and teach the schools and districts about social emotional learning because after they see the film they want to know
point conception, leaving us with clear skies. winds kicked up aijts some areas today. right now oakland reporting 9 miles per hour, 17 in mountain view, 7 in livermore. it will be the calming of these winds that will help to us actually cool off in the overnight hours. 53 degrees still in santa rose 15. so relatively pleasant outside your door. 53 in oakland, 47 fairfield, cooling off in antioch as well, 47 for you. low 50s in areas right around san jose. so patchy frost as well as freezing temperatures if you are just joining us at the top of the hour, we have a freeze warning to the north bay, the valley, as well as the hills below 1,000 feet. for the bay area as well as santa clara valley for tomorrow morning we have a frost advise real. that means widespread 30s. mid to upper 20s for parts of the north bay valley locations. 31 is expected in concord tomorrow. 29 for santa rose 15. low 40s in san francisco. san francisco not part of the advisory. 35 in mountainview. 34 in san jose. 31 degrees expected in morgan hill. the advisory will last until tomorrow morning, about 9:00 or so. we
police at a station in oakland. how grant is being remembered tonight. and the movie that's heading for sundance. >>> a close call on a frigid lake. the dramatic video of a sledder. and his rescuers. falling through thin ice. >>> and celebrating the first area.. the twist that makes this delivery. extra special. >> catherine: grocery stores in alameda county are now charging customers for paper bags. that follows the ban on plastic bags that went into effect last year. us what people think of the additional cost. >> jack refused to pay the extra 105. so he walked out in the cold carrying two bags he did not he was not alone. >> it is not worth it. and maybe i'd is one-stop shopping. >> i do not know what i'm going to do now. >> these used to be free. they did not mind paying the extra time to restore caught off guard. >> i thought that the guy was joking because i knew the guy and i said 105? i think that it is great. we do not need any more plastic bags. the maureen thinks that it is just fine. >> it works great. among grocery store is in alameda county are participating in this pr
smith in oakland has an initiative that is dealing with not just things like restoretive justice alone but positive behavioral interventions and supports. couple that with response to intervention, whole school reform strategies that work on transforming the way the school is functioning and in so doing making it a more positive culture for everybody. it brings in parental engagement in families and it has the very tough conversations, in the case of oakland i know for sure, around things like race with an african american male focus in that community because it's appropriate for that community, and the way all these things link together. so certainly bullying and harassment is an avenue into transforming the way schools work. just like discipline is an avenue into transforming the way schools work, as is standards and good assessments, it is how all these things fit together to ensure that students feel safe to learn but that what they are learning are the rigorous courses and skills and they are challenged enough to stay in school, graduate, and meet our president's goal we're goin
for new ways to reduce the reduce -- to reduce the violence in oakland. the changes ahead for this year. >> reporter: beer live in walnut creek where it's freeze -- we're live in walnut creek where it's freezing. >> reporter: and more people are complaining about taxicab services. we'll you what some of the complaints are and why some may surprise you. wé [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. if your resolution is saving money, safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. now's a good time to pack your lunches. lean cuisine is just $1.99. yoplait yogurt is just 50 cents. resolutions, kept. and charmin is $13.99 for 30 double rolls. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. >>> well, clear skies out there and cold readings. a lot of 20s inland. we have the frost advisory until 9:00 and then a freeze warning until 9:00 but the good news, temperatures will recover. but right now they are very, very cold. for more on the freeze warning, we go live to ktvu's tara moriart
in oakland. 29 in fairfield. 29 in santa rosa. lower '30's for vallejo and napa. through the course of today future cast 4 predicts 8:00 a.m. the purple on your screen indicates '30's for the most part. we will hold on to the '40's were san francisco, hayward, and parts of the coastline. 12:00 p.m. it looks like a lot of locations climb into the 50s. in to the afternoon highs on the light blue indicates most of us in the '50s. temperatures will be a couple of degrees warmer compared to yesterday's. >> napa 54 degrees. the same for vallejo. livermore at 53. san jose could get up to 57. 55 in sunnyvale. satellite and radar shows high-pressure and control not dealing with any clouds cover. the storm track will be guided to our north. originally we talk about spin off the north bay on thursday however, i do not think that will be a possibility. yesterday's we mentioned the rain chance for saturday. again, this is changing the direction of the storm track. it looks to be dry through saturday. the next chance for rain in sunday heading into monday. temperatures will be a little bit more. >> that i
san jose coming in at 57, 55 for oakland and hayward, 54 for san francisco. satellite and radar show high pressure and control reaching as over the west coast. we will not see any rain like we originally thought on thursday, saturday as well looks to be a dry one. the first opportunity for some rain as saturday morning but there is a good chance the moisture will stay off shore. 7 day around the bay extended forecast, tranquil weather for the next string of days. temperatures on the up. we're climbing to the upper 50s and unfortunately it will not be as cold for the next couple of days. and lows are only dropping to the upper 30's. 7:17 a.m. and on to traffic. >> we have been monitoring a multi card traffic crash and it hasn't cleared from the lanes of the nimitz freeway. it is completely gone. i just checked with chp and they'd tell me that all of the vehicles and towed trucks have left the scene. it did create a delay on 880 southbound but it is likely that this will clear fairly quickly as traffic is so light. light enough in fact that even with the metering lights active at the b
- the bart station in oakland. but the film "fruitvale" is making it's debut in front of an entirely different audience - at the sundance film festival. co-staring is oscar winning actress octavia spencer as oscar grant's mother, wanda, who has high hopes for the film. >> my hope for the movie is that people will see the truth. >> reporter: the screen writer is budding bay area film-maker ryan coogler - shooting still photos at the vigil. he worked closely with grant's family - including oscar's uncle. >> if we can get this on the big screen, not just the 48 hours of oscar's life before he was murdered, but if we can get out what happens in the community with these rogue police officers across the united states. >> reporter: coogler didn't want to do an interview until the film's release. but in response to what resonated with him about the oscar grant story - he said simply because grant is a human being. in oakland vicki liviakis, kron 4 news. >>> now in a story you'll only see on kron4 quite a shock for one bay area man who bought a car off craigslist. it turns out his shiny new r
, sonoma and napa. east bay look for highs at 55 at oakland, fremont, union city and castro valley. the inland east bay will be cooler than that with highs in the low to mid50s. 53 at concord and danville and dublin and pleasanton. the mildest weather around the region. upper 50s to almost 60. look for highs of 58 in hollister, 59 in salinas. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. mainly sunny and dry days. clouds will increase a bit over the weekend. there is a slight chance of showers on sunday, but not a very great one, and then we have sunny and dry conditions on monday and tuesday. notice it gets milder as we get closer to the weekend. high temperatures near 60 degrees friday through tuesday. >> thank you so much. ?ai all right, well, coming up next. >> sports. >> that's right. good because you are sitting right here. >> i just wander in occasionally. we joked with stanford coach david shaw from the so-called bullies from biology class. they used their brute force to capture their first rose bowl in four decades. man: at turbotax, we know this is more than a paycheck. it
dry. no clouds out there right now. talk those temperatures. low to mid 40s around fremont, oakland, san francisco and half moon bay. we are above freezing in san san rafael at 36. 35 in antioch but freezing or below in los gatos, concord, fairfield and napa. around the monterey bay, mid-30s gilroy at about 32 degrees. let's talk about what is going to happen in this forecast cycle. frost in the morning hours, sunny this afternoon. slightly warmer thursday and friday. this system will get rose to the bay area but most of the showers will stay over the ocean. let's talk about today's temperatures, mainly in the mid 50s. we could be slightly cooler around 52 in vallejo and low 50s around the coast. it won't be quite as breezy as it was yesterday. mid to upper 50s as you head inland. tonight almost as cold as this morning. you can see sub-freezing around palo alto at 32. same thing at concord and vallejo. 2382 at livermore. we'll be okay in san francisco, 43. 39 at oakland and 38 in san mateo and half moon bay for some of the warmer spots tomorrow morning. area of high pressure dominat
in fairfield and antioch. 45 in livermore, 47 in los gatos. 49 redwood city. 51 in oakland and san francisco. we're going see temperatures dropping much, much lower during overnight hours of forecast features are these. freeze warning. and sunny day as head through friday dwochl have a chance of showers over the weekend. let's take a look at this cold sna. we'll have a freeze warning from 11:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. overnight hours in the north bay. damage to crops, and vegetation is a possibility. for bay shore line same period, 11 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. a frost advise very in effect. low temperatures in these areas dropping between 30 and 34 degrees tonight. sensitive plants are at risk. bundle up if you're going to be outside. here is a look at our projected lows. expecting lows to drop down to 29 degrees in santa rosa tonight. 28 in napa. 31 in concord. 27 in fairfield. 32 in fremont. 40s here in san francisco. it gets colder than that. spare the air alert remains in affect throughout tomorrow. we've had declining air qaultz remaining with us overnight tonight. meaning no burning of wood or fire
have some low 50s in toward the san jose area. 55 degrees even into oakland. as you head further to the north, it is still chilly in spots. 49 in the napa valley, 49 vallejo and 50 degrees in antioch. i think we are seeing high pressure stick around and that ridge is sending the storm track well to the north of the bay area so we'll keep dry an high outside and the temperatures cool, as well. 50s into the central valley, the high country going to be in the 30s and also into the 40s. i think if you are traveling around the bay area today, not a bad idea to grab a jacket out the door. some of the warmer temperatures in the south bay in the upper 50s. 57 in half moon bay, as well. low 50s in the east bay. inside the bay temperatures moderate a bit mid-50s in oakland, 53 degrees in san francisco. tonight cold, 20s and 30s inland so get ready for ice again. it's going to be a cold start to the morning. toward the weekend clouds begin to gather, slight chance of showers on sunday but looks fairly dry for the next couple of weeks. >> you gave a little shoutout. we have some boy scouts i
tener de 13 a 16 años . >> precisamente la ciudad de oakland busca bajar el número de homicidios . >> estudiantes menores y abuelitas son víctimas que le dejó a oakland . >> los crímenes violentos aumentaron , la policía desconoce los motivos 25% esta ligado a drogas y pandillas, el 11% violencia doméstica y otros por venganza . >> hombre encontró muerte al rescatar su perro , testigo, dice que olas de 20 pies arrastraron a laujer y al perro pero cuándo el hombre iba por el perro , solo recuperaorn el cuerpo sin vida . >> pasando a san francisco la policía aplica mano dura a quien manejaron con alcohol anoche en la despedida del año viejo , 10 arrestos, 8 por alcohol o drogas, hasta el moneto no hay detenciones de dos tiroteos en san francisco que dejaron 3 heridos . >> dos personas inocentes mueren después que vehículo intento huir, y choco contra carro , salieron disparo de vehículo en complejo de viiendas en la misión, una persona murió por el impacto y la pasajera también . >> venia siguiendo un carro negro y este impacto al carro blanco , dio vueltas y se impa
and calistoga 54, sonoma and napa. east bay look for highs at 55 at oakland, fremont, union city and castro valley. the inland east bay will be cooler than that with highs in the low to mid50s. 53 at concord and danville and dublin and pleasanton. the mildest weather around the region. upper 50s to almost 60. look for highs of 58 in hollister, 59 in salinas. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. mainly sunny and dry days. clouds will increase a bit over the weekend. there is a slight chance of showers on sunday, but not a very great one, and then we have sunny and dry conditions on monday and tuesday. notice it gets milder as we get closer to the weekend. high temperatures near 60 degrees friday through tuesday. >> thank you so much. ?ai all right, well, coming up next. >> sports. >> that's right. good because you are sitting right here. >> i just wander in occasionally. we joked with stanford coach david shaw from the so-called bullies from biology class. they used their brute force to >>> good evening, everybody. stanford football fans came up with the best line to describe their f
had no estimate how long it would take to repair another main break, this one in oakland at westview drive and vicente place. meanwhile, repair crews in concord worked all night to fix the fourth water main break on mount de's blob road. officials say no -- mt. diablo road and finished repairing that break about an hour ago. >>> a freeze warning was in effect for the north bay valleys. the bank thermometer read a chilly 29. residents bundled up as they headed out the door. >> we buy some coffee. >> reporter: pretty cold? >> yeah. >> i got sweater and -- i got my jacket -- >> reporter: four. >> four layers. >> reporter: now layers? >> yes. >> other chilly spots were santa rosa, napa, livermore, redwood city and morgan hill. steve is coming up in a bit to let us know when we'll see a warmup. >>> the house may have approved a senate deal to avoid the fiscal cliff for now, but more debates are expected in the coming weeks. the deal passed last night would raise taxes on households making more than $450,000 or more a year and individuals making $400,000 or more. but congress pushed off d
remembered tonight by many people around the bay area. rob roth attended a vigil at oakland's fruitvale station in this fourth anniversary of the shooting of the unarmed man. >> reporter: dozens of people gathered to remember oscar grant. >> if they did not video tape what was happening on that platform. like i said none of us would know who oscar grant is. >> reporter: for grant's mother even four years later the pain of losing her son is still unbearable. >> it doesn't matter if it was a year ago or five years ago, it's still your child and it still hurts. >> reporter: police were responding to reports of a fight when officers detained b.a.r.t. mehserle shot him in the back. >> and he didn't even have to go to prison not one day. he went to jail. you know or protective custody. >> reporter: the larger message today was a call to stop what they see as racial profiling which too often ends up with police officers shooting suspects. >> if they can shoot him they can shoot anybody. >> reporter: the family says they've been invited to the sun dance film festival later this month to view a
at oakland's fruitvale station in this fourth anniversary of the shooting of the unarmed man. >> reporter: dozens of people gathered to remember oscar grant. >> if they did not video tape what was happening on that platform. like i said none of us would know who oscar grant is. >> reporter: for grant's mother even four years later the pain of losing her son is still unbearable. >> it doesn't matter if it was a year ago or five years ago, it's still your child and it still hurts. >> reporter: police were responding to reports of a fight when officers detained b.a.r.t. mehserle shot him in the back. >> and he didn't even have to go to prison not one day. he went to jail. you know or protective custody. >> reporter: the larger message today was a call to stop what they see as racial profiling which too often ends up with police officers shooting suspects. >> if they can shoot him they can shoot anybody. >> reporter: the family says they've been invited to the sun dance film festival later this month to view a film based on oscar grant. rob roth, ktvu. >>> the number of people arrested statew
, 35. san jose, 34. oakland, 40. 34, half moon bay. sunshine a few high clouds and mid 50s. next three days will be in the mid to upper 50s. here is katie with more news. >> katie: this morning, state water officials will take the first sierra survey for the winter. electronic measurements indicate it's 146% of normal. that is important since the sierra snow pack accounts for a third of state's water supply. early storms have replenished stated reservoirs. at butti county it's 111% of normal. it's already 70% filled. >> now we have electronic measurements and now we do the hand measurements. >> they do it a little more technical because they are actually there instead of electronically. >> lots of snow last week. pretty dry. >> 6:18 this morning and looking live from roof cam, back across the embarcadero, it's not as breezy as it was yesterday. we're also looking at fairly as far as temperatures. a little breeze in your area, temperatures will drop a couple degrees. winds about 3-5 miles an hour. live doppler is pretty quiet this morning. picking up that dry air and those clear conditi
. and if you are heading along 880 northbound into oakland, so far it's a nice ride, very easy commute towards the maze if you are headed to the bay bridge no delays there. and southbound 880 looking good in both directions and mass transit right on time. bart just got started about 15 minutes ago. ace train back in service after yesterday's holiday. muni, caltrain on a regular schedule as well as ferries. that's a look at your morning drive. >> thank you. >>> two people are dead in san francisco after a driver crashed a car while trying to avoid police. officers initially tried to pull over the chevy impala because it matched the description of a car connected to shots fired at a san francisco housing project. >> as officers approached the vehicle, the vehicle took off at a high rate of speed and ran through the next two intersections, colliding with the white vehicle that's now come to rest at the portal of the store. >> the crash killed the driver of the car and the pedestrian at 21st street and south van ness avenue. officers arrested the suspect injured in the crash. police say they found
shifted south our winds have continue today lighten up. 8 miles per hour and 7 in oakland. if you do have a little bit of a breeze outside your door already agd to the windchill effect because most of us sitting in the 40s even 39 degrees. 49 s fkso so we have mostly clear skies. the winds are going away and with those very calm conditions that cold air is really going to sink totd low-lying areas and it's going to stick so the frost advisory is actually for the bay area, not san francisco but most of our bay side communities down into the santa clara valley through tomorrow morning. the freeze warning is for the north bay valley locations, as well as the hills below a thousand feet. that means mid-to-upper 20s expected in the overnight hours. here is a look at what i'm expecting for santa rosa. 29 degrees for you. 30 in napa, 31 for vallejo. upper 30s in oakland. 32 degrees redwood city. 34 in san jose. upper 20s, livermore, antioch, fairfield. low 40s in san francisco so a chilly start for you but nothing by comparison when you look at some of our inland areas, freezing temperatures and
temperatures probably low 50s by the afternoon. inside the bay 53 degrees in san francisco, 55 oakland, 52 sausalito. check out your temperatures online at let's check the roads with gianna. >>> thank you, lawrence. we have been monitoring this water main break in hayward which seems to be a problem as chp has now issued a sig alert in the area. so the water main break is located at jackson street and santa clara street right at that intersection just east of 880 and the 92 interchange. chp has shut down one lane of the eastbound 92 off-ramp at jackson because of flooding in the area. so they are advising you to avoid the area until they mop up. so it's jackson street and santa clara street but if you are coming off jackson off east 92, that right lane is now shut down. chp and hayward pd are on scene. we have live look coming up in the next few minutes to get you updated on this area. we'll do that as soon as the lanes open, as well. the san mateo bridge, westbound towards foster city no problems. eastbound into hayward not showing any delays right now, traffic looking good. an
the city new year's eve party that drew 40,000 people. >> family, friends, supporters gathered in oakland today to mark the 4th anniversary of the shooting death of bart passenger oscar grant. the 22-year-old shot by a bart police officer at the fruit veil station new year's day, 2009. abc 7 news attended the rally and joins us live from oakland. nick? >> good evening, oscar grant was shot and killed at this bart station. i spoke with his mother whork says that losing her son hurts as much today as four years ago. she doesn't believe much changed in the way the world sees young black men. she hopes a new movie will change that. >> we want the world to fall in love with oscar. >> the 22-year-old grant was shot on this platform new year's eve, 2009. the family held a rally to shed light on the event. >> had it not been for the community on that platform, none of us would know who oscar grant is. >> cell phone video revealed more than the public knew this, video made it's way to you tube. you can see former bart police officer holding grant down on the floor. johannes mehserle testify ed int
s in most places. and then you get inside the bay those temperatures moderate, mid-50s into oakland. 53 san francisco. and 56 in santa rosa. colt mornings next couple of days, afternoon not too bad, cloudy toward the weekend, slight chance of showers on sunday. then back to dry weather as we head toward the beginning of next week. that is a look at weather, liz both. back to you. >> 27 degrees. ouch. freezing! thank you, lawrence. >>> today students from connecticut's sandy hook elementary school are getting a tour of their new temporary campus. tomorrow will be their first day back to class since a gunman killed 20 students and six adults at their regular campus. classes will now be held in the town of monroe that's just a few miles away from newtown. desks have been brought to the campus as have backpacks and other belongings students left behind. >>> pennsylvania governor tom corbett says he plans to suit ncaa in connection with the jerry sandusky scandal. it has to do with sanctions the ncaa handed down to penn state university after the former assistant football coach was convi
at 55 at oakland, fremont, union city and castro valley. the inland east bay will be cooler than that with highs in the low to mid50s. 53 at concord and danville and dublin and pleasanton. the mildest weather around the region. upper 50s to almost 60. look for highs of 58 in hollister, 59 in salinas. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. mainly sunny and dry days. clouds will increase a bit over the weekend. there is a slight chance of showers on sunday, but not a very great one, and then we have sunny and dry conditions on monday and tuesday. notice it gets milder as we get closer to the weekend. high temperatures near 60 degrees friday through tuesday. >> thank you so much. ?ai all right, well, coming up next. >> sports. >> that's right. good because you are sitting right here. >> i just wander in occasionally. we joked with stanford coach david shaw from the so-called bullies from biology class. they used their brute force to capture their first rose bowl in four decades. alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine min
a look out towards sutro tower in oakland. mostly clear tonight and currently, we have temperatures already dropping into the low 50s. we'll talk about the alert you need to know about for tomorrow coming up later on in this broadcast. >>> fireworks launched in broad daylight. why a new year's eve tragedy pushed the pyrotechnics into the sunshine. >>> not too much people say they get to deliver their grandkids. >> a pair of midnight baby deliveries, both planning to be the bay area's first of 2013 for one grandmother, the birth was a real hands on experience. as we'll see next. thousands crowded along the embarcadero >>> isn't that gorgeous? no fog to spoil the fireworks in san francisco this year. thousands crowded along the embarcadero to watch the display over the bay at midnight. but trouble broke out in the city before the show even began. one person was shot in the hand near jefferson and mason at fisherman's wharf around 10:30. witnesses say the gunman ran up beech street toward alioto's restaurant but he couldn't be found. then an hour later another shooting on the waterfron
. five outlets with this, the jack london square location in oakland, the largest. >> those are homemade sausages. >> mike: it's owned and operated by dorothy king jurnigan and her children, four daughters and two sons. business acumen passed generation to generation. >> consistency. that's the key to having a successful business. >> knowing the history and where my grandmother went through to hit this business it just made me work harder and just love it. i love it. >> mike: it's a history that stretches back to a shoeless family in rural alabama, one that moved to oakland in the '50s and one that saw dorothy everett, a single mother of eight, open her first restaurant-- with that sauce-- in 1973. it provided a good living and created a desire for something more. >> my mom said to me "dorothy, they are not going to give a black woman that much money. >> mike: but they did and after a stint at the haas business school at u.c. berkeley, she opened this location, one that includes a music venue and has played host to a string of sports and entertainment celebrities. contacts and connection
and calming conditions, those winds beginning to lighten up. napa reporting a 9 miles per hour breeze, oakland 9, s f oh 10, mountain view 8 w. the chilly temperatures already being felt, any little bit of wind will actually trigger that windchill. so 45 in napa but with a light breeze it probably feels more like 39. 45 in concord, 44 in livermore, widespread 40s to near 50 in and around san francisco. oakland, san jose reporting 49. this is just the beginning. sunset just an hour ago. we will continue to cool into the overnight hours. patchy frost expected tonight. freezing temperatures. by 11:00 or so i expect mid-30s to near 40 degrees around the bay area. mostly sunny for tomorrow. we do have the frost advisory as well as the freeze warning for parts of the bay area until about 9:00. the afternoon, widespread 50s. we do have a spare the air day again for tomorrow. the our extended forecast going to be mainly dry. with the conditions in place, the clear skies, the very cold weather right at the surface, we get that inversion right over, and the warmer air on top of the colder air contribute
francisco. oakland took 300 guns as well totaling 600 guns off the streets of the bay area in one saturday. so that's a good thing. and then finally we did some promotions. we did 8 captains, they have been assigned, 15 lieutenants, they have also been lieutenants, and 29 sergeants, the entire group is in the academy right now and they will go to their respective assignments on saturday and as we close out the holiday season we did bayview toy give away today, mission station and api on bay shore was on saturday and obviously operation dream in various joy give aways will be going forward the rest of the holiday season. and that concludes my report. >> well, thank you, chief. speaking of the real positive news, the press conference with officers cloud and gritch, it wasn't only commissioner loftus that was crying, it was maybe another commissioner. >> i didn't want to be the one that said it, i'm glad you said it. >> even our commission secretary who has done a lot with this department had tears in his eyes. it was an incredible press conference. what those two officers did was beyond
in oakland. in these positions she advocated for public school students in california, focusing on achievement and opportunity gaps, improving can urriculum and instructional quality and ensuring quality education for everybody. she served as an advisor on education issues on a number of private ipbs institutions, she is a teacher, a lawyer, and a very influential voice on all policy matters. she was also passionate about ending this issue of bullying and bringing everyone together to stop this disturbing trend so please welcome assistant secretary for civil rights, ruslyn lee. as i said, our moderator is not always our lieutenant governor, of course he needs to introduction -- no, i get to say something. i get to say something. as everyone in this room knows, youngest mayor in 100 years, right? youngest mayor in 100 years when he was elected 10 years ago and he has remained an effective and visionary leader for everyone. mayor newsom gained worldwide recognition when he granted marriage licenses to same sex couples in 2004. we all remember those moving pictures of smiling
alone, working two jobs, finishing high school and attending a unique after-school program in oakland and hayward, california, called "faces for the future" that exposes students from high-risk communities to careers in health care. >> you can't go wrong when you're studying medicine. >> snap it shut. >> reporter: dr. tomas designed the program. the first in his family to go to college, he earned a medical degree and chose to practice in oakland where one in four kids drops out of school and violent street crime is more than four times greater than the national average. shoes strung over power lines he says signals a crack house is nearby. what makes you think your program is going to help? >> it gives them other choices. >> reporter: during the two-year program, the teens shadow medical professionals and put in 600 hours of volunteer time, gaining hands-on experience and self-confidence. >> i have seen too many young people suffer. if they can articulate that five years down the line, i want to be a therapist, i want to be a doctor, i want to be a nurse, that's the best. >> reporter:
: lisa with the bay area air quality management district says many cities including oakland, vallejo, livermore, redwood city, san jose and gilroy are already showing hourly levels of particulate matter that are well above healthy levels and officials expect those levels to rise tonight. so a "spare the air" alert has been issued for today and tomorrow. >> we get a lot of complaints around this time of year. people say, you know, of course you always call on the holidays. this is terrible! but the reality is, that's when we know people burn. >> reporter: the cold weather forces the particulate matter close to the ground and the lack of wind keeps it there. with the weather service also issuing a frost advisory for tonight, some are already taking precautions. some residents are covering up their plants. >> but i did hear about it's going to get pretty col tonight. >> reporter: but one thing residents cannot legally do to keep warm is light a wood- burning fire. lou ann dewitt also knows that. what do you do when it gets that cold? >> i stay home, turn on the fireplace and i can turn
from oakland towards san fransisco. different view there, you have the embarcadero again, and some of the temperatures, currently mid-30s in livermore and santa rosa, loe 40s in the peninsula. tonight in the 20s in santa rosa. some could get colder than that, around 26, 27 degrees, otherwise below freezing in concord, freezing in vallejo. now we have a freeze warning in effect in the red highlighted areas which encompasses the mountains and valleys of the north bay and the high lieutenanted blue area that means we -- highlighted blue area means frost warning. temperatures had be well below normal for this time of year so you need that extra blanket tonight, wake up for a frosty start on the morning commute on wednesday and then it's a second winter spare the air day, no burning allowed, and no rain in the forecast, all the way through january 10th. sure, we have storms, they're stacking up to the north of the bay area. look at this impressive system and then shredding apart at the seams as it banks up against a ridge of high pressure. so it should be dry until next thursday, then w
. >>> and it's been four years since oscar grant was shot and killed by a bart officer in oakland. how grant is being remembered. >> catherine: the body of a man swept out to sea off point reyes was found today. this is video from sky 7 h- d rescuers were called in after a man, woman and dog the story. >> reporter: just after noon on new years day, the coast guard received reports that a man and woman walking a dog along pt. reyes beach had been caught by what was described as a rouge wave. the woman and the dog were able to swim ashore with the help of people who saw what happene, but the man was swept to sea. the coast guard and the california highway patrol launched a rescue effort and searched for several hours. but arounnd 4pm, they found his body adrift in he's described as a 59 year old male and his identity has not yet been released. the woman was examined by paramedics, but unijured. the north bay charles clifford kron 4 news >> jacqueline: is going to be very cold with already a freeze morning and a frost advisory. we will show you how cold it will be in your neighborhood, coming u
in 800 mega hurtz and not what oakland had but the simulcast radios and departments didn't want toking on the same but we put them on it and you're probably in the next genraition of those radios
. to clarify, we moved to oakland last year because we really did not feel welcome in san francisco. the hurdles put in front of us to do our event were so extensive, it became impossible to produce a successful the event. sadly, that happened again this year. hopefully we can come back next year. thanks for bringing a cup. it is a problem. the impact of the loss of these events is a loss for san francisco culture and our economy. it will take the right perspective of leadership from the mayor's office to make those events be able to happen. >> [unintelligible] [applause] >> i am very sorry that we lost some of these events. i'm sure they added to cultural diversity. i do know that looking at the board, there are 280 events in a given year. street fairs, hip-hop, promotional events. there is only so much that we can do. we have to make sure that every event has enough personnel to keep it safe. be it the security plan, officers, or police officers. that is one thing i failed to mention earlier. paramount to training for an event that has enough people to prevent anything disastrous
on the peninsula down to san jose. microto mid 40s around oakland and san francisco. by the afternoon hours, you will want the sunglasses, low to mid 50s at the coast. also inland, mid to upper 50s with mostly sunny conditions around the bay. >> pretty light this morning. it's wednesday, kind of the off week with the holiday yesterday. 80 westbound as i make your way passed golden gate fields headlights there everything is moving at the limit. to the san mateo bridge, eastbound and westbound looking good as you make your way from hayward over to foster city and then in the eastbound direction, no problems. we do have, however, on the ramp toward jackson street a sig alert due to a water main break. one lane flooded at that off-ramp at jackson street right around santa clara. they hope to have that capped but for now it's very slow in the area. >> kristen: parts of the bay area have temperatures below freezing this morning as mike was saying. you might find it frigid outside your door. terry mcsweeney is live in san rafael where it's been in the 20s. i imagine it's still dipping. >> it gets colde
to memory of oakland man killed by bart police officer in 2009 following new years eve confrontation. this is the fourth anniversary of the death of 22-year-old oscar grant. nick smith has more. >> we want the world to fall in love with officers. >>reporter: 22-year-old oscar grant fatally shot by officer on this platform new year's eve 2009. today the family held a rally to remember him and thank the community for shine ago spotlight on the events surrounding his death. >> had it not been for the community open that platform that night none of us would know who officer grant is. >>reporter: cell phone video revealed more about the shooting than the public initially knew. this video made its way to you tube and the media. in it you can see former bart police officer messerly holding grant down on the floor with his hands held behind his back. messerly who is white testified that he had intended to draw his taser and that firing his gun was purely accidental. charges of racism were swift and unyielding. >> this officer got off with murder and he didn't have to even go to priso
will continue to gain more degrees as we head into afternoon. oakland will be at 55 degrees and the same thing goes for hayward. conditions will be warmer than yesterday and sandals that may rise to 57 degrees. >> if you are going to tahoe i did check with caltran and there are no chain restrictions an affect. they do have very isolated freezing fog and we will see plenty of sunshine for the next three days. if the temperatures will be the upper 30's. it will get really cold for the overnight and the temperatures and i will bill runs several degrees. >> it will be mild weather and a range chance for sunday. this chance may be minimum. it >> while we have seen a return of congestion in the area we have not san a return of the metering lights. if this is now the time that they typically are activated perez so far, no meter relies have been activated. the san mateo bridge on 92 looks good and it is usually busy during the 7:00 a.m. hour. your ride to the golden gate bridge still looks pretty good and it actually is pretty light. as we look at the traffic maps we still see that the drive times are
their business so i know you have, i know you've been in contact with oakland and surrounding areas because they move people all the time. chief, i just want to ask, how much are we involved both regionally and nationally in this whole -- are there forums that go on? i know you have attended a couple things. >> as tony was saying, arlan vanderbilt brought this forward. i think he has a lot of credit and commissioner loftus is holding the department's feet to the fire and rightfully so. that's why we're looking for this grant and we'll be actually at some point in time growing the human trafficking unit as we get our staffing up to speed. >> also we do attend other meetings in the bay area so we attend a monthly meeting down in san jose, so we're constantly in communication with other sister agencies, not only law enforcement but also other advocate groups like, for example, not to get in too much detail, i talked to an attorney down in san jose right now where this person is willing to come forward regarding an incident so they feel confident to come to san francisco to talk about someth
and hagerstown. temperature is dropping in the low thirties as well, 19 in oakland. the only thing keeping the temperature of the little that are the wispy clouds and of the of cloudiness on the eastern shore. with this very dry air and light winds, i am thinking 16 in some of the colder valets north and west of baltimore overnight. probably clear and partly cloudy skies, five minutes until 5:00. reducing these thin clouds, no precipitation here. just that touch of cloudiness. the next chance is a minimal chance of precipitation doesn't show up until the second half of the weekend. a sunny thursday, high temperatures close to or below the normal for this time of year. showers near the lakes, right into the first part of the weekend. a day like today with a little more sunshine, temperatures bus -- just below the normal with sun coming up on thursday morning in the western maryland mountains. only 25 tomorrow with flurries and snow showers on friday with a high temperature of 22 degrees. and we bounced back to 40 tomorrow, 41 friday. temperatures in the low 40's with mostly sunny skies thur
will not move over the mountains. we will stay close to normal. 33 at the airport. 26 in parkton. oakland and frostburg have dropped into the teens. the wind is light across the metro area. we will not see any major warmup. temperatures will get close to the normal mark of 42. 42 in southern maryland. starting off with clouds. they will move from west to east. highs will be up near 40 degrees. drop down into the 20's. you will need a jacket and some of gloves. as far as the precipitation, we're talking nothing. we will be basically dry until sunday. >> good morning. if you are going back to work or school, this is 97 and 65 down towards 100. so far so good on the west side, 55 miles per hour. this is 70 in towards the beltway, 63. 65 on the southbound harrisburg expressway. picking up just a bit prior to the beltway. southbound from coldspring lane down towards 28th street on the j.f.x., 50 miles per hour. moving well on the north side at harford road. 57 on 95 down to the 895 split. seven minutes through that stretch. it is the starting to build at the fort mchenry tunnel. no official de
. a problem in the oakland area southbound 880. the red line just jammed at an earlier multicar accident past fruitville. just been cleared but traffic now backed to 980. and a couple of capital corridor and ace delays for you get you u up to date on what is going on. spare the air today and most likely tomorrow. don't burn the wood. until 9:00 keep everything ♪ >>> all that jumping going on. we're jumpstarting january, right here in times square. we're getting a whole bunch of people in shape this morning. all kinds of ideas how to kick-start your weight loss for 2013. make good on all the new year's resolutions. a lot of people getting a good start right now. and january in times square. >> that song by jennifer lopez makes me want to get up. maybe not to get up like what people have done. >>> also coming up in this half hour, a real special story. espn's hannah storm, revealing a terrifying moment she faced a wall of fire. it was a terrifying explosion that left her with second-degree burns. but she is an incredible woman. she is back on the air. and talks about how her daughter may have
of these veterans either. cut va benefits absolutely slice them to the bone. all right. patrice out in oakland, california. >> caller: happy new year to you. this is an acceptable bill. this is the best that could be done at this point, but you know something, we knew that they were an obstructionist congress. we knew this from the very beginning, but this goes back to 2010 like i told my cousin. when liberals decided to sit out the election and let the tea party get in there, what do you expect to happen? this is why elections matter. hopefully we learned our lesson for 2014. when the next midterm elections come up, we know what we're dealing with now. if we get more democrats in congress we won't have to worry about this mess. >> bill: that's an excellent point. i had this discussion with my family too over the holiday. one of my cousins was saying it is really good for the country not to have one party in charge. and, you know, in theory that may be true, but not with this gong of republicans. >> caller: definitely not. and as far as boehner is concerned, he is finished,
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